Working Programme

Brussels seminar (BE)

December 2006


Saturday 09 December and Sunday 10 December 2006


Partners’ Arrivals – Not having partners on site, partners are kindly requested to join themselves Hotel MATIGNONG in Brussels (from the airport, please be kind to take the shuttle to Brussels Midi station and then Subway/Taxi)

Sunday 10 December 2006


Individual Interviews with Marc LACAUD, external expert already met during Latsia seminar in November 2005 (the interviews will take place at Hotel Matignon)


17h30    - BG – DRAKEVA Radosveta

18h00    - ES – MORENO Begoña

18h30    - CY – CHARALAMBOUS Charalambos

19h00    - IT – IANNELLI Salvatore

19h30    - GR – KOSMIDIS Periklis

20h00    - FR – CHARRIER Elie, Euro-CIDES President

Monday 11 December 2006


09h30    Welcome Word from Euro-CIDES President


09h45    PIEEC Videos (Baronissi, Kilkis, Latsia, Mouries, Pikrolimni)


10h15    Presentation of Posters, Leaflets, Roadsigns, Labels


10h30    What’s is going on with PIEEC now, and also after 31.12.2006 ?


11h00    ACRE Website


11h30    PIEEC Catalog (part 1)


12h30 Lunch


14h30    PIEEC Catalog (part 2)


15h30    Facilitators (CV - @mail – MAYETIC e-community)


16h00    Statistics about visits to PIEEC


16h30    New Projects 2007 – ACR’OUTILS & ACRE 3


17h30    End of first working session

Tuesday 12  December 2006



09h30    Documents due to Euro-CIDES (Deadlines)


10h30    FINANCES – Point of the situation – Eligible dates


12h00    End of the closing seminar – Word of Euro-CIDES President – Partners’ Departure