08-09 April 2005

Relevé des Décisions

First of all, we would like to thank Gabor and his colleagues for the time they have spent with us. We do not forget, in our thanks, minibus’ drivers who have allowed us to go from place to place.


In regard of partners’ demand, and further to our seminar in Tatabanya [HU], please find hereunder a list of decisions which have been approved by attending partners (BG-CY-ES-FR-GR-HU). At the same time, you will also find a list of tasks (with deadlines) some (all) of you will have to realize till we’ll meet next time.


1.      Please would all partners be kind to take note that next seminar will be organised in ITALY, instead of GREECE, at the end of June 2005. The reason of this modification is that we need to meet our new Italian partner very quick. Regarding others ACRE 2 Seminars, all dates and places are confirmed.


2.      Could HU update the scheme regarding Education System in Hungary and send it to us ASAP by electronic mail ? we would also appreciate to receive by electronic mail all the supports (power points) HU partner has presented to partners.


3.      Could HU and PL partners send us, by returned mail as joint documents, the translation of ACRE 2 assets in their national language ?


4.      Decision is together taken that, each time a seminar takes place in a non-euro country, the task will be for hosting partner, on the last opened day of the month the seminar has occurred, to search the official exchange rate published by his National Bank between the national currency and Euro, then to inform (with official document) all partners.


5.      PL partner, not attending Tatabanya seminar due to John Paul II’ funerals, has to send by post URGENTLY to :

q       HU partner, the partnership engagement after having signing, dating and stamping it

q       FR promotor, financial documents regarding the first three months period of 2005.





6.      Herewith enclosed, we kindly ask partners to find following documents

q       Administrative Sheet to present details of costs engaged by the partners

q       Board to be completed regarding the inventory of pedagogical products.

Regarding GENERAL COSTS, we kindly ask partners to find following informations :

1. BG - ES                                        500 euros each

2. CY - GR - HU - IT - PL - RO             950 euros each

3. FR                                                     1 414 euros


7.      PIEEC Facilators’ training session : Dates have been changed in the aim to allow partners to obtain SOCRATES Grundtvig 3 individual grants to attend this training session (one week training by FR and one week by BG, both being realized in Bordeaux). Period is settled as follow (we will complete the official form during next seminar) : from 28/11/05 till 11/12/05.


8.      Tasks which have to be done for next meeting in Italy

q       ALL : list of people who will attend the training session for “PIEEC Facilitators”

q       CY – GR – HU will present an inventory of pedagogical products they will have obtain from local contacts with actors who are going to participate to their CARL, further to what was presented by our Bulgarian partner during Tatabanya meeting.

q       ES will present attending IT seminar :

§         one or two pedagogical products “on line” REY ARDID uses for training low skilled adults

§         a first scheme of evaluation REY ARDID will work with CARL’ partners regarding pedagogical products which will have to be evaluated within the next months

§         the characteristics of “ES evaluators”… how they will built their group of experts ?

q       BG will present one or two on line pedagogical products they have realized as samples.



9.      We expect to receive by the end of this month offer from ULX (Unified Linux Xpertise) and will let partners know what is going on regarding materials.



We would like to finish this report by thanking all partners for their great and interesting participation.