Friday 10 de March 2006


Welcome at Foundation Rey Ardid


Visit and presentation of the Foundation


Presentation of National Educative System in Spain


Meeting with Spanish Experts with a presentation on how they proceed in their tasks- Debate


Official welcome at the Town Hall of Zaragoza.




CARL Presentation of Acre 1 realization and Acre 2 mould Starting from Es and GR Carl, partners will work on CY, HU and IT ones


Presentation of the Evaluation realized by Marc Lacaud during Latsia Seminar (explanations, translation´s workshop, debate)




Saturday 11 March 2006




Workshop “life of Acre 2 projects”


BG partner will present the work of their team and their team and their first results; they will draw precisions about their attempts.




New pedagogical product- Brainstorming about new sources of serches


Next seminar in Greece “PIECC Thematic” Agenda


CAFOC Training session in France


Next financial term


Other questions