Downloads - C2 Mainz (DE) 2018.03

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Name Keywords Creation date Downloads number
All courses list for data collection (IO1) None 103
Agenda C2 None 104
2018.03 Extremism and its challenges for the prison system None 91
C2 List of participants None 104
Some useful information for C2 activity None 99
First impressions of Bernkastel-Kues None 102
Announcement location GERMANY March 2018 None 95
2018.03 Synthetic dashboard of CITI-VAL educational sequences None 138
2018.03 Memory of C2-E5-M4-PSG4 and Action Notes None 136
Work agenda for C2 / E5 / M4 None 151
Some useful information for CITI-VAL C2 activity and M4 meeting None 158
Announcement location GERMANY March 2018 None 169
Information on Bernkastel, place we will stay for C2 None 138